CitrusRap x Wakeupstar Presents: MONA* Vol 2. by @aflylovesong

With the potential devastation heading towards Florida, it seems like an opportune time to bring a few waves of our own to lift your spirits and give us all a feeling of nirvana that only music from the homegrown can do. This is MONA* Volume Two. A specially created playlist that serves as a love letter to South Florida by @aflylovesong. Featuring a handful of supreme Florida talents such as Sylvan Lacue, Twelve’Len, Prez P, Cherele & SIN. Take a listen to this audible letter of admiration for the only state worth being born in. Florida.

DMV Daily: Miah Travis x Mona Lisa Video

19 year old Virginia hip-hop artist, Miah Travis has made quiet a buzz this past year with the releasing of his track 1999, and his soulful track, Mona Lisa. This year, Miah’s name has continued to grow as he released a track called “Caged Bird// Channel Surfing” featuring a Virginia singer named Vesta and we also got word that he’s expected to drop his debut EP called “Loose Ends” very very soon! Today he’s finally here to debut his first ever music video.