Miah – Mona Lisa


  1. Mona Lisa

About Mona Lisa: “Mona Lisa has multiple meanings. For starters, the idea of the whole song is to paint a beautiful picture through your own struggles, thus the reason the cover art for the actual track is an open canvas. On the other hand, the story I decided to speak on was my growing up in the church, being troubled by my sinful ways, and rather distraught by the idea of religion. The idea of having to pay for a blessing is central to the track, as preachers tend to use offering as a source of exploitation, influencing believers to believe that in order to be blessed, I must be able to pay my way. This video is a bit artsy and rebellious, in a sense.”


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From Chesapeake, Virginia comes Miah Travis, a buzzing artist that’s been making a lot of noise thanks to his smooth and soulful record, “Mona Lisa” (Prod. By Tokyo Trendz).
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